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SRC Blaster Bag 118cm - Black

SRC Blaster Bag 118cm - Black

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SRC Blaster Bag 118cm - Black

This Tactical Gelsoft bag is from SRC and a must have! A black bag with the capacity to fit 1 large rifle, held in by heavy duty Velcro strips. Also has a number external pockets for handguns and/or your essentials. The bag also has a heavy duty carrying handle plus securing straps. One of this bags top features is it also can be carried on your shoulders.


  • Large Gel Blaster Bag
  • Internal Size 118cm or 46 inch
  • Heavy Duty Velcro Strips
  • Handle and Straps
  • 3 Large External Pockets

Package Includes:

1x SRC Blaster Bag 118cm - Black