SKD M92 Beretta - Toy Gel Blaster

SKD M92 Beretta - Toy Gel Blaster

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This is a toy gel blaster.

We only ship Gel Blasters to addresses located in Queensland.

STOP & THINK. Always wear safety glasses when using your gel blaster, and transport your gel blaster in a bag while out in public.


SKD M92 Beretta


- Blow back
- Switch from 7.4V or 14.8V
- Magazine fed

- Semi or Full auto switch
- Rail to add on accessories

- Material: ABS



1 x SKD Beretta M92 14.8V
1 x  Magazine

1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x LED Torch

1 x Glasses 

1 x Gel Ball Mixing Bottle


Firing Power:

Approximately 160 FPS 


Firing Range:

20+ Metres


Ammo Size:

7 - 8mm


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