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Shotty Combo Deal M97 - Toy Gel Blaster

Shotty Combo Deal M97 - Toy Gel Blaster

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This is a toy gel blaster.

All Gel Blasters are shipped FOR FREE directly from Brisbane, with Australia Post, requiring a signature on delivery.

We only ship Gel Blasters to addresses located in the following Australian States/Territories: Queensland, South Australia. 

Always wear safety glasses and protective clothing when using your gel blaster. Transport your gel blaster in a bag while out in public.


M97 Shotty Combo Deal

$80 In Store

$90 Posted


Includes: M97, Colour Change Target, AT Gels


  • Mechanical, spring powered, pump-action
  • Full nylon construction
  • Hopper fed (internal hopper design)
  • Gel ball capacity: approx 20
  • Alloy barrel
  • Dust cover slides open with every pull back
  • Buffer tube compatible 
  • Integrated iron sights

FPS (Feet per second):
Approximately 270-290 FPS 

Effective Range:
20 to 25 Metres

Ammo Size:
7 – 8mm


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