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Auto Tracer Unit - For Toy Gel Blaster

Auto Tracer Unit - For Toy Gel Blaster

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Auto Tracer Unit

For a Toy Gel Blaster

Auto Tracer Unit - For use with Glow Gels 

  • USB Charging Ready
  • Up to 6 Hours of Usage
  • Built-In Lithium Battery
  • Battery Level Indication
  • High Power UV LED Technology
  • Integrated Motion Sensor Inside
  • Battery Lasts up to 20,000 Rounds
  • Automatic ON/OFF Control by the motion sensor
  • It can be upgraded to your own silencer tracer
  • 2 Side Light Sources for Optimum Illumination
  • Can Sustain Trace Function up to 35 RPS (2100 RPM)
  • Comes with 14mm CCW Thread Adapter & USB Charging Cable

** Hopups cannot be used with this tracer unit.

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