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Speedsoft Official Speedbelt Combo

Speedsoft Official Speedbelt Combo

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Direct from Speedsoft Official in Spain


Designed for all types of environments from fast players to more tactical players, it has a platform in the lumbar area, with FOAM padding, with vents in the shape of a circle for the lumbar center, and a platform with a sense to the trunk, experience the sensation not wearing anything, thanks to its design the FSP belt adapts to the turns of your waist and prevents it from moving when running thanks to the various platforms that make up the padding set.

SPEEDSOFT® has focused on the construction of a last generation foam, studying the shape of each product, carrying out several tests to achieve the best results, it is in fact that you can check all our products their shapes and we invite you to visualize a few seconds our designs and place them on your body and think about what work you would do when performing movements.

In this product the design comprises the following central circle adjusts to the center of the lumbar, outer blocks to the center, allow forward and backward mobility and diagonals, end blocks allow the torso twists adapted to it.

In the back we have a molle panel, which includes velcro and molle to add your pouches or patches with rubber handles of the brand.

It has 2 zippers, one located at both ends which form a pocket. This pocket has interior velcro on both sides to transport pouches or select desired configurations in each game.

Currently with the most innovative design on the market and with more options, we guarantee many available configurations that fit each user.

You can use the SPORT BELT in a comfortable and fast way.

Pouch bag designed to attach in 3 different ways to the SPORT BELT FSP, small size for several m4 chargers or quite a few small ones.

Pouch 4x M4 OR 5X Pistol or ARP, MP5 (A new pouch will be shown, with some improvements added)

High quality elastic tape, giving you the flexibility to adjust to your size.

Adjustment with the brand's handle in white designed for users who want to personalize their color, using a permanent marker.


Pouch hooked to molle panel.

Pouch between molle panel and Sport belt

Pouch in zipper pocket with its inner velcro.

Add any Pouch or article that is our need in these configurations.

Unloading bag to hold in pocket or in molle panel and SPORT BELT.

Carry a pistol in the front on the elastic bands or carry it back in your pocket with a holster!


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